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Proud, feathered and fabulous, for years this pair were two of the Adelaide Zoo’s most loved long-term residents – and the last living Flamingos in any Australian zoo. As special avian guests in the world mammals gallery, Greater and Chile now greet Museum visitors with a welcome splash of colour, and their heads held high.

Adopted By
Samuel OMalley/Wilma Carolan; Monica Briffa; William Harradine; Maria Maratos; Annie Childs/Vivienne Childs; Elise Prior & Angas van Balen; Joseph Rositano; Diana Jaquillard; Katelyn Fraser; Lynnette Drabsch; Ella Blackwood-Niklaus; Olivia Frinsdorf/DK; Joanna Henderson/Annabelle Henderson; Jennifer Schuppan/Honor Schuppan; Diann Lozoraitis; Mark and Sue O'Malley; Michaela and Alison Stephens; Amanda Underwood/Vicki Underwood; Elaine Bungey/Lisa and Todd Bungey; Verna Blewett; Katrina Edwards; Teresa Paprzycki and Marjorie Stephens; Stephanie, Mikayla, Quinton and Lulu; Majella Mrdjen; Nickolas Foster/Tricia Foster; Alice Durrant/Zoe; Thomas Roberts/Julie Roberts; Sue Gredley; Rick Braendler; Denise Maddigan/Layla Needle; Ruby Ash/Smiley Family; Alice Dunbar/Brenton Ramsey; Alice Sachse; Wendy Wells/Gary Regan; David Costello; Beba Brunt;