Giant Squid


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Spanning 11-metres and four storeys, this next-level model of the longest recorded Giant Squid (Architeuthis dux) helped turn an old elevator shaft into a mesmerising microcosm of the deep sea. Along with the Museum’s own real-life specimen preserved in the Science Centre, it’s helped make the Giant Squid one of the Museum’s unofficial mascots – and a favourite for many visitors.

Adopted By
Brad Banks/Noah Banks; Megan Simmons/Pia Simmons; Yari McCall/Flora Leech and Alfie Leech; Warren Lear; Annie Childs/Nate and Amelie Harding; Sarah Powell; Courtney Charlton/Aleksandr Collogan; John Balkwill/Lachlan Balkwill; Ella Blackwood Niklaus, Ashton and Hudson Niklaus; Jennifer Schuppan/Ripley Schuppan; Bianca Archibald/Maddison Anne Standley; Dylan Aimers/Cooper Aimers; Chelsea Stubbings; Vanessa Cartledge/William Cartledge; Briony Hoare/Josephine Hoare; Diana Laidlaw/Teddy Armitage; Enoch Ho; Moira Were/Archie Armstrong; Verna Blewett; Karen Stanton/Amelia Pulford; Marion and Jesse Lovell; Bridget G; Sue O'Malley/Caitlyn O'Malley; Raphail Spartalis; Dennis Jarvis; Kirsty Mudge; Thomas Hinvest, William Hinvest and Nicholas Hinvest; Alice Durrant/Alex; Edmond Feary/Ella Birt; Tim Doughty/Luke Doughty; Lisa Potter/James E Potter; Denise Maddigan/Layla and Maksim Needle; Ingrid and Tony Asenstorfer; Jese Varu-mark/Edlene Marinas; Megan Ledwidge/Zachary Equid; Astrid Pill/Nicola Romanos; Henry Allen; Esther Burnett;