Mawson's Balaclava


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Few pieces of knitwear can lay a claim to history like Douglas Mawson’s balaclava. Worn by the famed geologist and Antarctic explorer on his 1929-1931 expedition, this humble garment helped protect Mawson from the nature’s greatest extremes, before being commemorated on the original $100 banknote.

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Tanya Lehman/Eton Leonardo; Fiona Thomson; Gerald Thurnwald; E J Harrison; Dr John Parker; Bruce Elliott; Simon Pikusa; Carol Knight/Abdollah, Trevor and Carol; Rachel Teesdale-Smith/Ngaire Teesdale-Smith; Thomas Walters; Jennie Mannion/Huon Rainsford; Anna Beinke/Prof Geoff Crisp; Julia Dunstone;