Nathan the Lion


Total adoption opportunities

This model lion has been a 'mane' attraction among younger generations for the past 20 years. Created by the Museum’s 3D Design expert Jo Bain, there’s not a hair of real lion hair on Nathan’s head or body. And yet, with each flick of his mechanised tail, he thrills visitors with the tantalising possibility that at any moment, our exhibits might just come alive.

Adopted By
Christina Angus/Rio and Cia Rouqueriol ; Brad Banks/Archie Tate; Christine Thyer/Declan Thyer; Warren Lear; Courtney Charlton/Cesare Collogan; Myfanwy Tilley/Aeddan Turner; Jennifer Schuppan/Ripley Schuppan; Susan O'Malley/Grace and Gabbi O'Malley; Imogen Jaylin; Ann Mather; Amy Grantham; Melissa Cadzow; Geoff Cadzow; Stuart Cadzow; Caitlin Cadzow; Paul (PK) Kitching; Karen Stanton/Amelia Pulford; Mairi Jarvis; Emma Watts; Susan Wood; Naomi Bruse/Hannah Bruse; Guy Oomens/Arthur Stillwell; Natasha Kirby/Beatrice Kirby; Priya/Mahi Vallury; Darren and Sylvia; Alice Durrant/Nathan; Emily Compton and Joel Bowes; Charlotte Carmody/Edward Carmody; Asia Nesterczuk; Sally Simpson; Jennifer Wallace/Sky, Konan and Sapphire; Astrid Pill/Hugo Hopprich; Alex Salamon/Claire Salamon;